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Where in the World is 4mulaFun?

Yes, I am continuing to travel this school year and while I have several places I am working with right now to set up workshops, I have also got some great ones already booked! Interested in knowing where I will be then check out below. September begins with my hubby

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Taking On Tulsa!

I am SO excited to be in Tulsa today for the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference at Oklahoma State University! Not only do I get the pleasure to present to some amazing Oklahoma educators but I also have a booth set up in the exhibitor area with Interactive

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Getting Interactive with Younger Minds

Last week I had the privilege to work with a group of Kindergarten, First and Second Grade teachers in Southwest Georgia on how to incorporate Interactive Notebooks into their classroom setting as well as giving them strategies to benefit them! I will admit that when I was preparing for this

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My Atlanta Adventure

Wake up in the morning feeling mighty sleepy, got my layers on and I’m thinking I’ve got this city. Traveling all the way to the DF-Dub I’ve got this flight like it’s nothing bub. {Now go back and sing that to the tune of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok.} Yea, or so

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Need Input from You- Webinars

So it’s January and we are all trying to recharge to make sure that we can make it through the last five months of the school year. There are limited breaks in the Spring and it also is now big “state testing” time for many that are coming up. So

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How Many Hours? {Math In Real Life}

It’s the first Wednesday of December which means it’s time for our  linky – Math IS Real Life. If you want to see how the linky works, or just want other real world math ideas, check out the link-ups from  August , September , October and November  OR check out out  Pinterest Board of all the posts so

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Training Teachers with Interactive Notebooks

Did you miss me? Wow, it feels like forever since I have blogged because all of last week was spent down in the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas conducting three different workshops on using Interactive Notebooks in the classroom. My first stop as down in South San Antonio ISD

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The Return of…. Jonna The Great

Today brings back none other than Jonna The Great who is helping as the 4mulaFun assistant while presenting workshops once again in the lovely town of San Antonio. So a few weeks ago Jennifer asks if I was up for 1 more trip before school started and it involved NO

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Currently it’s August.. WHAT?

Listening: I will admit I have a daily habit of bouncing from Numbers to Bones to House to NCIS and some Law and Order SVU to help just have background noise on at home. Then about 90% of the time when I am on the computer I am on Skype

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