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Training Teachers with Interactive Notebooks

Did you miss me? Wow, it feels like forever since I have blogged because all of last week was spent down in the lovely city of San Antonio, Texas conducting three different workshops on using Interactive Notebooks in the classroom.

San Antonio Riverwalk

My first stop as down in South San Antonio ISD where I was able to spend an entire day with one of the Elementary campuses (Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade) and talk about the benefits of Interactive Notebooks and how they were easily incorporated into the classroom.

Interactive Notebook Workshop in South San Antonio

The assistant principal in the school was fabulous and made me feel right at home while I was there all while wanting to help her staff as well. Sadly the principal was off in meetings most of the day so he couldn’t join us. Hospitality was at it’s best and I look forward to getting updates from my new friends down in South San Antonio as they venture out to engage their students and ditch the worksheets!

Later on in the week I was able to spend another day in Judson ISD presenting two workshops Secondary teachers. First of all, this school was HUGE but it was great how they set up professional development like a convention style where you sign up for your classes and you can choose what is relevant for you.

Judson ISD Interactive Notebook Workshop

Over the course of my two 3-hour sessions, I crammed in as much as possible to help get 60 or so teachers ready start their new school year. Oh my goodness the enthusiasm and just energy swirling in the room was amazing. Thankfully I was able to capture some pictures to share with you.

Drove back home that night and it has been whirlwind of busy since I have been home preparing for my next adventure. I am leaving bright and early Tuesday (yes, tomorrow) morning to head to deep Southwest Georgia to present for 2 days to their 3rd-10th grade teachers on Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms. I am so excited for this trip and others that are starting to be worked out as well.

inb linky

This week I won’t be leaving you high and dry and missing me. I have some guest posts scheduled as well as the Interactive Notebook Linky Party set up already for the 28th! Perfect timing if I do say so myself!

So keep on coming back this week to see some great new stuff! Leave some love (comments) as well so that I know things are going well for you. I wish the best for all of you who are starting back this week as I know many of my fellow friends start today!

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