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Category: Giveaway

Jennifer’s Favorite Things… and a GIVEAWAY!

“I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad…” Yes, that is me right about now singing along with the Sound of Music song as I’m writing this blog post. But enough about that, lets get onto what you are here for! My Favorite Holiday Activity

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Did you see the 5 days of ePIc activities for Pi Day? Thanks to five different teachers there are some great ideas on how to make your celebration the best!

ePIc Pi Day Roundup

 First of all I want to thank each of my friends who jumped at posting last week for the ePIc Pi Day Activities! Thanks once again to Lindsey Perro, Hodges Herald, Teaching High School Math, Teaching Math by Hart and MissMathDork for all of your hard work. If you didn’t

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Deep In the Heart of Texas Blog Hop

Welcome to the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” blog hop!  Over 40 Texas teacher bloggers have joined together to share what we love about our state as well as ideas and freebies that we love.  You will also have the opportunity to enter to win TpT products and/or TpT gift

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Clearing Teacher Clutter- Favorite Teacher Bags

We all know that having the right teacher bag makes all of the difference. I can’t count how many bags I have gone through over the years because there have just been that many. Some of them I got for free from various conventions or workshops and then others I

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Organizing the Paper Trail in your classroom is a daily task and you need to do just a few things each day to stay on top of it. Check out these tips to keep you in line.

Clearing Teacher Clutter- Managing the Paper Trail

Papers, papers EVERYWHERE! Papers, papers… do I care? Yes, there are times I want to shout this cheer from the mountaintops when the papers on my desk start to take over. I’ve gathered a few tried and true tips for you to not only successfully rid yourself of the unnecessary

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You Win a Latte, You Win a Latte!

I wish I could give you all a free latte in a very Oprah-esque way but much to my dismay… it’s not possible. But giving 5 people enough to grab a free latte is my way of giving back for sure! Thank you all for the many of you who

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Elementary Workshop Wrap-Up for Judson ISD

Talk about having a blast with a great group of teachers! Tuesday I was once again blessed to be in Judson ISD where I was working with 3rd-5th grade teachers on Integrating Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms. I’m just saying.. we had a blast despite some obstacles. Obstacles you say?

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Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 6

This week’s chapter is about building up your Guided Math time using a workshop approach. In my classroom I did a lot of workstations with my students to build on concepts that I had covered in our lessons. I can say from personal experience that having a Math Workshop time

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