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Using Differentiated Choice Board for Math Workshop

Using choice boards isn’t something new but they are something that takes a little bit of extra prep work to implement into your classroom for math workshop. **There may be affiliate links within this post that I do earn a small commission off of each purchase. How to Use Choice

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Teaching Pythagorean Theorem

Back in the Spring of 2009, I was going on interviews as I was moving to the Austin, TX area. During those interviews, I was open to anything K-8th grade as I had the certifications at that time and wanted to change it up from only having taught 2nd and

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Using Tumbling Towers to Review Math

At the beginning of every school year, it is important to find time to review with your students. This time is not only crucial to see where they are on their math skills but also to observe how each of them works together in a small group setting. Using games,

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Reviewing volume in seventh grade takes quite a bit of hands on activities to develop the understanding and continue to practice. Through several interactive activities students build their knowledge and understanding of volume including a FREEBIE Volume Sort for you to use right away.

Interactive Volume Activities for Review

Every year when the unit for volume comes around it seems to be one of the hardest, and most abstract, units for students. While being asked to determine the volume of a prism or pyramid students are faced with a three-dimensional shape that becomes hard for them to visualize after

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The Ultimate Puzzle Book for Kids

Picture it, Dallas, 1986… going into Toys ‘R Us for a reward with my parents and being the child who was always wanting to learn more, I picked up workbooks and many a puzzle book over being able to get toys. No matter where we went if I was able

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5 Ways to Use Solve and Snips

5 Different Ways to Use Solve and Snips

When I began teaching Middle School math, I became apparently aware that my students detested working with word problems. It didn’t matter if I worked them with them, I asked them to show their strategies, or even let them work with partners or in groups… they HATED them. But I

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Implementing Math Workshop for Back to School

Last month I had the absolute privilege of speaking to over 400 3-8th grade teachers at CAMT 2019 about Setting up Math Workshop for Success in two sessions. Not only was this year the absolute best I’ve ever presented, but the 3-5th grade session was so packed that we had

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Strategies to Motivate Students Who Just Don't Wanna

Motivating Students Who Just Don’t Wanna

Have you ever heard either of these from your students in class? “but Miss….. I don’t wanna…..” or “well, I didn’t think I had to do it.” You are probably nodding your head right now and totally get me because you have been there. Maybe you were even there this

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