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Category: Paper Craft Projects

Math Workshops in the Sixth Grade

Guest Post: Math Workshops with Alex O’Connor

I’m excited to introduce Alex O’Connor from Math in the Middle. Today he’s sharing how he’s using math workshops in his sixth grade classroom. Last year, in the middle of my third year teaching 6th grade math, I was approached by my middle school’s instructional coach about a new (to me

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It is Done!

I might just be singing from the mountain tops right now because this unit for third grade is DONE! I have been SO busy lately and feel horrible that it is done 36 hours past when I had set my deadline but yes my friends… it is SO DONE! Well,

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Monday Made It: Making a Mess

This week is brought to you by the letter M. M for MESS! You know how when you procrastinate long enough on something and then you always seem to want to add just one more project to make it “perfect”. Well that is how I am when I am preparing

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Left, Right, Answer Review from Live, Love, Math

Hello there! I’m Danielle from Live Love Math and I am so excited to share my review of 4mulaFun’s super cool twist on using task cards in the classroom. About a month ago, I was on spring break and like many teachers, was thinking about what I was going to do for the rest

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Last Minute of Course…

As many teachers are now on Christmas Break, we are all starting to wrap up last minute things around our own home and with our family for the holidays. If you are anything like me you are just really having time to wrap the presents that you will start giving

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Clean Out Your Wishlist!

It’s BACK to SCHOOL which means TpT is throwing a MONSTEROUS SALE and ATUE is joining in! We are guessing that many of you have been adding items to your wishlist (or the wishlist in your mind!) and this is THE time to stock up on all the resources that

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Washi Tape Binder Clips

DIY Washi Tape Binder Clips

I am so excited to finally be linking up for Monday Made It! I’ve made things over and over again but never linked up! Silly me! So this week, I am taking my love of organization and love of Washi tape and finally making something that I “pinned” over a

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Summer 2013 Bucket List…

I’ve never been one to make a Bucket List after all that I have seen about them online or in person but I feel this year MUST be different. I need direction and guidance for the Summer as there are just SO MANY things that I want (and need) to

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Art Therapy with a Friend

Last week I was able to take some time with a friend, who I also work with, to attend an Art Class. In this art class, we were to follow the directions of instructor and could stray at some points to make them our own. First steps where to paint

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