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Where in the World is 4mulaFun?

Yes, I am continuing to travel this school year and while I have several places I am working with right now to set up workshops, I have also got some great ones already booked! Interested in knowing where I will be then check out below.


September begins with my hubby and I taking a trip to Tempe, Arizona where I will be presenting a session and exhibiting at Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. If you are in the Phoenix/Tempe area take time to sign up as you won’t want to miss out on this conference coming up on September 20th.


Moving along to the end of the month I will be leaving off to North Georgia RESA to present an all day workshop for teachers in the regional area on October 1st. I am EXCITED about this workshop as I haven’t been to North Georgia and I’m loving all my Georgia peeps! 🙂


I know that I have a few different schools in Texas that are looking into bringing me out and are just trying to set up the right date and time. If you are interested in having a day (or even an afternoon) of 4mulaFun, please make sure to check out my Workshops Page and complete the Google Survey. **If you are in the DFW area (within 40 miles of 76017) I do charge a reduced daily rate.**

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