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Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Smith Curriculum and Consulting, LLC:

All products downloaded with the Smith Curriculum and Consulting copyright (formerly 4mulaFun), are owned by Smith Curriculum and Consulting and are protected by the intellectual property laws of the United States. Smith Curriculum and Consulting retains all proprietary rights to these materials.

All products are licensed for use to be used by one individual teacher (public, private, charter, homeschool, parent, etc.) and cannot be shared. They can be used in your classroom for the entirety of your teaching career but not shared with other teachers without the purchase of additional licenses. Site licenses are also available.

Smith Curriculum and Consulting products are not to be posted on teacher and/or district websites and/or networks allowing the access of the product by other individuals. Posting on a secured teacher website behind a password for student access is acceptable.

If you have questions, please email for clarification.

Due to the nature of the resources sold on Smith Curriculum and Consulting, LLC, no refunds or exchanges will be granted.

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