Math With a Purpose: Making Students Think Notes and Links

Thank you so much for attending my session, “Math with a Purpose: Making Students Think“. I truly am passionate about finding ways to foster creative thinking in my math class and have been since I started teaching in 2003. I have consistently been on a mission to find new and inventive ways to help engage learners no matter their learning style, possible accommodations, etc. and over time I’ve tried, failed and kept on trying and I hope that some of the ideas I shared with you are some things that you can realistically take back to your classroom and implement.


Simply click on the photo above (the title screen) to download the entire presentation that I shared today. Also, if you weren’t able to complete the notes today, click on the notes sheet and you can download the completed notes for you.




Are you interested in having the bookmarks for use in your classroom? You got it! Click here and you will be taken to a page of bookmarks that you can use.



Looking for the Growth Mindset Banner? Check it out from To The Square Inch over on Teachers Pay Teachers. She is an amazing math teacher in New York and she has Growth Mindset down pat! And The Expert Poster… it’s a FREEBIE!





Do you remember seeing me talk about Project Based Learning? The sample I showed you was a project I created called If I Had a Million Dollars and not only did my student’s love it but so have over 50,000 students since 2012. I’ve also gathered some other PBL from some friends you might want to check out as well.



And if you are looking to add the book, “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” to your classroom library, go grab it on Amazon (affiliate link- no increase in price for you) today!




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