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Professional Development Information with Smith Curriculum and Consulting

Considering Smith Curriculum and Consulting for any professional development workshops?

Feel free to peruse the listings of professional development workshops that are offered as well as the calendar of booked dates below. I love traveling all over the country for workshops in different school districts!

If you are interested in bringing Smith Curriculum and Consulting to your area, complete the Training Request Form to obtain information about presenting a workshop in your area.

Workshops are available in Full Day (6 Hours) and Half Day (3 Hours) formats.

Training Request Form

Current Workshops Include:

All workshops can be worked out to be virtually, via Zoom, as well.

Small-Group Student Sessions

small group workshopEver since 2013, I have worked hard to help teachers learn and implement new things in their classrooms. Because of this, I have taken what teachers have asked for and now also am offering small group sessions with students.

This is a great time for me to come in and work with students of multiple areas that need extra help, help to structure your Guided Math time (and allow teachers to observe), or to just add a different component to the learning day.

Most often this is scheduled in tandem with an in-person workshop or scheduled with multiple teachers/schools over the course of a given time period.

If you are interested in this concept, please feel free to email me so we can schedule a time to work with your students!

Training Request Form

Benefits of In-Person Workshops

A teacher’s work doesn’t end when she steps out of her classroom. Being a life-long learner makes one a great teacher and allows one to go beyond the textbook.

When teachers are able to attend an in-person workshop it allows them to not only gather a hands-on grasp of new knowledge but also time to collaborate with peers in different areas.

As educators, we know that when students remember 70% of what they hear, 80% of what they discuss, and 90% of what they teach others.

Teacher Praise

“In my 28 years of teaching, I have never enjoyed and got so much out of a workshop.  Thank you for all the time you have taken to put together such wonderful workshops.  I liked the fact we got to be students and see how it would actually work in our classrooms.  Make and take is also good for those of us who like to have samples to take.” – 5th and 6th Grade Teacher

“Really helped me with ideas because my notebooks are bad! This may fill in gaps for kids!” – middle school teacher

“Loved this session! Got me excited about the school year and gave me great ideas!” – 7th-grade math teacher

“Great activities. I think these can really engage students in the classroom. “Flippables” are also great to engage SPED kids in understanding process steps. Activities would really help students to take ownership of their work.” – middle school math teacher

“Great tools to use in the classroom to spice up teaching!” – Algebra 1 teacher


On-Site Workshop Costs

Full-Day (6 hours): $2,000*
Half-Day (3 hours): $1,250*
Hourly Consulting: $250*

*Travel expenses (transportation and accommodations) are additional and are done based on actual costs for dates arranged.

No school, district, or resource center will be turned away. I love to travel and meet new teachers who are passionate about being lifelong learners. Please feel free to reach out to me via email to talk about payment plans, grant support, etc.

All copies must be provided by the requesting district/school/etc. Access to a projector and document camera is necessary for most workshops. A personal laptop will be provided during the professional development.

All handouts will be sent to participants via email within a week after the workshop.

Training Request Form

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