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The Return of…. Jonna The Great

Today brings back none other than Jonna The Great who is helping as the 4mulaFun assistant while presenting workshops once again in the lovely town of San Antonio.

So a few weeks ago Jennifer asks if I was up for 1 more trip before school started and it involved NO CUTTING! Of course I was… well, wait…. where is it??? As soon as I learned we were going back to San Antonio it took me only the time to ask my mom to get an answer of YES!

photo 1(6)

The drive down to San Antonio was pretty fun. Started with Starbucks and added in some Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans… yea, that will keep you awake!

jonna capital

Made a few stops on our way down (not as many as last time) but included a detour to the Texas State Capital. Don’t I look cute? (Jennifer will fix the pic soon.. Sorry!)


After that we had to take a 3 hour segway because one of Jennifer’s hoses had been leaking coolant and needed to be sealed off so we could continue. Thankfully she has GREAT friends in suburb of Austin that had her fixed up in no time!

jonna chillis

After what was only supposed to be 5 hours turned into 9… we went to Chili’s and I was happy, happy, happy! (Hint… If you haven’t had their Chicken Chipotle Flatbread… it’s pretty amazing! I couldn’t finish it.)

jonna prek inb

Next morning we were up before the sun and off to an elementary school. While Jennifer was setting up, I was busy working with stickers to have a sample of a way to use an INB for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Hope she wasn’t expecting to get any stickers back… shh!

jonna book

Yea, I had to do some work of my own. Working on Summer Reading as school starts back next week. Jennifer is trying to help me with the book but it’s the packet that the teacher gave us that I’m having more issues with.

Hope you enjoyed my recap of what we (Jonna and Jennifer) have been up to. Jennifer will be back Friday to catch you up some more!

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