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My Atlanta Adventure

Wake up in the morning feeling mighty sleepy, got my layers on and I’m thinking I’ve got this city. Traveling all the way to the DF-Dub I’ve got this flight like it’s nothing bub. {Now go back and sing that to the tune of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok.}

Yea, or so I thought. Hubs and I woke up at 4:30 am today to get to the airport for my 7:15 flight to Atlanta. I knew about the Polar Vortex and it’s craziness the night before but my Delta app was still showing my flight on time and no delays. Get there, get my bag checked, go through security and even after being pulled aside so they could measure my scissors (spot on for length allowed by the way) I’m good to go. Check my gate and all is well so I headed to Starbucks to grab some caffeine before take off.

 photo 1

 Making the trek back from E8 to E17 (my gate) I notice there is something going on. GREATNESS!  Seems that everyone in their brother from last nights flights were trying to get onto my flight. No biggie for me… I’ve got my seat! Happiness was short lived because just as I sat down and got to sipping my Soy Caramel Flan Latte (yum!)… “Folks, we are getting reports from Atlanta that we are going to be delayed for about 20 minutes. It’s a very fluid delay but we don’t think it will be much longer than that.” No prob, so I update Facebook and my family to let them know.

15 minutes later…. “Well we are now hearing from Atlanta that they are having a hard time getting staff because it is taking 3 hours for staff to get in that is normally a 45 minute drive. We will be delayed awhile longer and will keep you informed as to updates.” Thinking to myself now that this should be interesting. Go back to enjoying my latte, check my email, update some people on my travel status and also start talking to my neighbor who was a really nice lady who travels around with her family in an RV. She just finished her certification as an Energy Specialist and had a conference in Phoenix so she was oblivious until she got STUCK at DFW last night.

photo 2

Just after I posted about the second delay on Instagram and Facebook we were finally told that they were going to be able to board us shortly. WOO HOO! Only 45 minutes after we were scheduled to take off, not bad I’m thinking. So we finally are able to board and then the lovely part of sitting in the plane for another 35 minutes sets in because so we were on ground stop (new term to me) until 8:40 am.

photo 3
photo 4

Woo hoo and applause when we finally were able to take off and I was super excited because I got to move up to the exit row for FREE thanks to their being a little bit of room on the plane. Seriously over half the plane seemed to be Delta flight attendants who had been stuck yesterday or were headed to help out in Atlanta. Cracked me up that we had so many on the plane.

photo 5

Once I finally arrived at the airport it was weird to walk don the concourse and see all the stranded passengers because flights OUT of Atlanta had all been cancelled and weren’t starting anytime soon. Got down to my car rental and went out the car and umm, let’s just say that a Hyundai Sonata is NOT for a 6’2″ girl. Thankfully they were understanding and UPGRADED me to a decked out Chevy Malibu for my trip. Don’t think I will need the sun roof while I’m here.

photo 2 (1)

I will attest to the roads going northbound being NASTY but thankfully I was headed southbound. After I got about 60 miles south there was virtually no existence of snow around and it was smooth sailing. The normal 3 hour drive took me about 4 1/2 hours which was a win in my book because I was expecting about 6 hours.

photo 3 (1)

I am very thankful for being able to safely make it to my destination so that I can present for Southwest Georgia RESA today and I truly hope that we have some working with Interactive Notebooks for Kinder through Second Grade!

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