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Made it Monday: Winter Fred Icebreaker and Conference Prep

This past weekend while preparing for my latest Interact with Me and Engage Me workshop in San Antonio, Texas I was chatting with my blogging buddies Jamie and Meg about a way to get the teachers back in the mindset of learning as it as the first day back from the winter break. Hey, I remember that day and how it was always the hardest for me to get motivated.

After some quick discussion on finding something interactive and engaging (since that is what I talk about first in my workshop), it was set that I had to do the Save Fred activity. Well, since it was Winter, we had to winterize it a bit.

Save Fred- Winter EditionSave Fred- Winter Edition Rules

Once we went over the guidelines the teachers were able to look into the cup on their table and take out each of the supplies.

Winter Fred Icebreaker- It's FRED!

1 Gummi Worm per group because you only have 1 FRED!

Winter Fred Icebreaker- It's Fred's Life Preserver

1 Gummy Lifesaver per group because you only need one life preserver

Winter Fred Icebreaker- It's Fred's Boat

1 cup per group because there is only one boat

Saving Fred- Winter Edition- Paperclips

4 paper clips per group to use for the Saving of Fred

I will tell you that this is not only a great thing for teachers to do but it is also a great activity for you to use in your class to help get your students to think outside of the box. Check out MissMathDork’s post about how she used it in her classroom this year.

And you have to see how much the teacher’s enjoyed this. I was walking around and enjoying every minute of the discussions they were having.

Save Fred IcebreakerSave Fred Icebreaker 2

I will be posting more about the workshop later this week. Feel free to use the Saving Fred Winter edition pictures above if you want to use it in your classroom.

Monday Made It

I’m off to link up with Monday Made it over at Fourth Grade Frolics and check out what my other blogging teacher friends have been up to in the last month.

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