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Currently it’s August.. WHAT?

August 4mulaFun Currently

Listening: I will admit I have a daily habit of bouncing from Numbers to Bones to House to NCIS and some Law and Order SVU to help just have background noise on at home. Then about 90% of the time when I am on the computer I am on Skype Chat with my buddies.

Loving: Isn’t Summer supposed to be lazy? I haven’t had one of those days yet. I’m hoping to score one this Fall with the hubby so I can make up on my Summer Bucket List.

Thinking: After planning two different upcoming trips to travel for professional development workshops that I am getting, I am hoping they get easier as they go. I mean, I just don’t want to make a mistake that ends up costing me BIG TIME.

Wanting: ‘Nuff said!

Needing: Well, I started organizing it all Wednesday night (LATE) and putting things in the right binders so I could find them. Don’t you just love my binder covers? The fabulous MissMathDork made them for me with the help of some Mr. Magician Color Match Papers and Frames and of course some KG Fonts.

B2S Must Haves: This one is a little different for me this year since I am not going back into the classroom but instead working with teachers to help them in the classroom.

karate post it

1. New Post It Notes– Well duh, who doesn’t need some cute new ones to jot notes on? But please tell me that there are times I am not the only one who gets to where they can’t use them because they don’t want to waste them? Karate Man is sitting on my desk and just asking to be used!

Torrid Teal Maxi

2. New Maxi Dress– Since I’m doing a lot more training, I still have to look cute. I just bought this fabulous new Maxi Dress from Torrid that I am excited to wear to one of my upcoming workshops.

liquid flair

3. Colorful New Pens– Yep, it’s a staple! I have to start the year right with a new set of pens! Snatched up a pair of Liquid Expresso Flair Pens that I have just started using and seriously treasure them!

So, don’t forget to go on over and check out the rest of the entries on Farley’s blog so you can see what all the other teachers in blog land are up to. 🙂

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