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Middle School Interactive Notebooks for All Subjects

This week has been a blast and it all started with a workshop that I gave in San Antonio, Texas for a group of 80 middle school teachers in all content areas from Math and Science to Woodworking and Nutrition. Yep! Everyone was there.

I walked in and was amazed to see so any tables all prepped for the day but also so many teachers. As you can see, the school was able to get the teachers set up with some seriously awesome materials to complete this workshop. Everyone got a stack like this below…

Supplies for INB Workshop

First thing we did was an icebreaker where we got to Save Fred from falling in the Artic Ocean. You can check out my blog post where I shared more information about that as well as the slides that you can use to do it in your classroom as well.

Fun with Save Fred

After a discussion on interaction and engagement we got Rockin’ and Rollin’ on creating some flippables for each content area. The ideas were just flowing and I couldn’t believe all the awesomeness as I was walking around and getting to know this group of teachers.

Creating Four Petal Flippables

Every teacher was creating throughout the entire workshop and I was so energized just through their excitement as we kept going. The ideas they were sharing in the content areas as well as across the campus definitely let me see how excited they were to start this semester with their Interactive Notebooks.

More Four Petal Flippables

I can’t wait to see some photos that they have coming to me with the ideas they were telling me. I will definitely be sharing those pictures with you as I get them on Facebook for sure.

Remember, if you are looking for a workshop in you area, check out my Workshops page and fill out a request. Remember, I travel and I love meeting my followers and helping others learn about the benefits of Interactive Notebooks.

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