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Need Input from You- Webinars

So it’s January and we are all trying to recharge to make sure that we can make it through the last five months of the school year. There are limited breaks in the Spring and it also is now big “state testing” time for many that are coming up. So how do we as teachers stay recharged AND providing engaging activities to motivate our learners?

For awhile now I have had the thoughts of providing online webinars that present the material in my workshops because I know that not everyone can make my workshops. I have been working on how to present this material to my readers and make it worth your time and money.

Webinars for Interactive Notebooks

Webinars would be offered with limited seating (to allow for interaction), you would get a PDF of the materials ahead of time and able to access the recording afterwards. There would be a minimal fee just to cover the service and storage on the site.

Please take a moment to fill out the Google Form so that I can gather your input. Please feel free to share with friends as well that would be interested. I am looking for the first webinar to be in February so data is important. 🙂

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