What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

As a new (or even seasoned ) teacher, you may be struggling with the aspects of what is Response to Intervention (RTI). What does it mean for you as a teacher and what does it mean in your classroom? I'm here to help you understand some basic components as well as link you to a FREEBIE that you can implement in your classroom from Day One (or whenever you need to start).

Our role as Educators is to ensure all students learn and are successful. In a perfect world, this would be easy. We teach our class a skill or topic and all of those smiling faces are able to comprehend and apply it to their daily lives. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and … Read more

The Debate between Warm-Ups and Exit Tickets

Do you use Warm Ups in your classroom? Come see why I converted to using only Exit Tickets in my classroom and I began to be able to better assess and understand the learning of my students on a regular basis with some tips on new types of Exit Tickets and ways of grading.

I’ve had many conversations over the past few years with teachers about the use of Warm Ups and/or Exit Tickets in the classroom. I always start with asking which of the two, or both, that teachers used but also why they chose that. Time and time again it has become very obvious that most teachers were using only … Read more

Guest Post: Reasoning Talks: Bridging Number Talks by Focusing on Reasoning with Dr. Cory Bennett

Implementing Number Talks in your Middle School Math classroom doesn't have to be stressful. Understanding the "why" and "how" behind them is just the beginning and Dr. Cory Bennett explains how he has now created successful learning with Reasoning Talks in his middle grades classes. Freebie Template included!

Today, I am so excited to bring to you a guest post that many of you have been begging for! Dr. Cory Bennett of Bennett Educational Consulting and Associate Professor of Education at Idaho State University recently opened my eyes on how to effectively incorporate Number Talks in the Middle School classroom while I was … Read more