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Recap From NCTM Annual Conference

NCTM Annual Conference Recap Part Two

Here I am now almost a month after NCTM Annual Conference has passed and I am still enjoying all that I learned and did while I was there. It was definitely a conference worth going to if you are ever able. Thursday continued So when I left off in the last

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Recap From 2017 NCTM Annual

NCTM Annual Conference Recap Part One

Where can I begin on NCTM Annual? Last week was awesome! As soon as I got there I knew that the three days in San Antonio spending time not only reconnecting with some of my math buddies across the nation but also taking some time to learn some new things

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Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks

If you are like me there are times where creating a diagram is necessary to show how something works. When I was teaching fifth grade we had so many diagrams and they were up all over our classroom because I didn’t know better. This made it really hard for my

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Tape In Interactive Notebooks

Taming the Tape Monster in Interactive Notebooks

You know exactly what I mean. Sometimes it is just easier to use tape in interactive notebooks for things or you need tape because you are creating a hinge of sorts with papers that you are putting in your notebook. It is just a necessity. You cringe at the thought

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Math Concerns from a Secondary Persepective

When working with teachers I love to take some time and have discussions and truly listen to what they have to say about various things. On my most recent trip, an Interactive Notebook Workshop for 6th-12th grade Math Teachers), that was no different. I participated in a conversation at lunch

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Each year we as teachers struggle to get our students back on track after an extended break. Take some of these tips to get right back where you were when you left and get back on track with the learning!

Igniting the Flame After the Holiday Break

As I sit here reflecting on the past few days of our Christmas break and all the time I have spent with family and friends, eating way too many sweets and binging on Hallmark movies and Netflix, I also start to think about the fact that school is about to

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Activities and Resources to build fact fluency for students of all ages

Working to Build Multiplication Fact Fluency

In my most recent newsletter I asked for people to reply to me and let me know the areas of weaknesses of their students to help you the most when creating items for intervention. While I am working on that I wanted to also create a round-up of resources so

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Homework- Why this teacher is FOR homework

Homework… How I feel as a Math Teacher

Every year that I have been in education homework seems to be a HUGE issue and this year seems to be no different as this “New Homework Policy” has begun floating around the internet after being started by a fellow Texas educator. While I applaud her for taking this initiative

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