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10 Ways to Stay Creative When You Aren’t Feeling It

Now that the school year has been in full force I'm sure you are like me and struggle to stay on top of things as well as keep your sanity. Look through this list of the Ten Ways that help me Stay Creative and Sane throughout the school year and try one today. #mentalhealthSo you are roughly four to six weeks into the school year and you are hitting some walls with lack of motivation and staying creative and there are days that you are asking yourself, “When is the next three day weekend?

Over the Summer we took time to recharge our batteries, get creative and have fun. As a teacher, we need to carve time out of our regular schedule to do just the same so that we can continue to be the best that we can be.





Top 10 Ways to Stay Creative (and save your Sanity)…


10. Read a book about something new.

9. Rent a movie, get into your comfy pajamas and relax at home on the couch.

8. Go on a walk. Get out there and put your feet to the pavement, it’s good for you!

7. Take a class in your area. There are several companies that have started such as Painting with a Twist where you can go and have a blast. I have done a few different painting nights and even blogged about it here.

6. Pick up the phone and call your bestie! Chat about anything and everything! (Keep a notepad handy for random things that come to your mind.)

5. Read “Steal Like an Artist” and enjoy! Lots of great ideas on finding creativity EVERYWHERE!

4. Get out of the house and take your work with you. Find a new surrounding (coffee shop, library, etc.) and let the normal distractions that would phase you allow you to get some much needed work done.

3. Take a day off! We all need mental health holidays here and there!

2. Pamper yourself. Taking time to get a mani/pedi, massage, facial, etc. gives you time to reflect and open your mind.

1. Go on a date! Whether it is with your significant other, girlfriend, former mentor, etc. just get out and have some conversation time to where you see each other face to face and bounce ideas off of each other.

I hope this helps some of you and feel free to bookmark it and come back to it as needed!

What can you do to help you boost your creativity and mojo in the down times?

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