Classifying Triangles with Manipulatives in Fourth Grade | TEKS 4.6c | TEKS 4.6d

classifying triangles with manipulatives

In fourth grade students are tasked with building a basic knowledge of classifying triangles based on their attributes, identifying angles (right, acute and obtuse) as well as classifying two-dimensional figures based on their characteristics (TEKS 4.6c, TEKS 4.6d). While this is a fourth grade skill, it seems to be an area that many grade levels … Read more

Which One Doesn’t Belong: A Quick and Fun Math Activity

Which One Doesn’t Belong is not only a fun activity to use in your classroom but it definitely gets students engaged in their learning as they are trying to explain their thinking. What is Which One Doesn’t Belong? In Which One Doesn’t Belong (also called WODB), each puzzle provides pictures, expressions, equations, graphs, etc. in … Read more

Update on Converting Rational Numbers (Fractions, Decimals and Percents)

With a new school year there is always a reason to change things up a bit in lessons and doing so in my Interactive Notebooks is no different. Back in September 2012, I created one of my first flippables for my official interactive notebooks and that has widely been seen around the internet. This Converting … Read more