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Save Paper, Save a Tree!

Copy shortages run rampant all over our classrooms. This quick little tip will save you time at the copy machine, ways to save paper, and headaches when you are getting close your account limit and more!Today I’m here to share with you a quick Teacher Tip so that you can save paper in your classroom!

When you are prepping activities for Math Workshop that you need for multiple students to win, simply copy them on colored card stock (just a few for your station group) and then put them in one of these handy dandy document holders (or you can grab the Smart Pals from EAI here) and you can reuse over and over! No need for wasting copies!

Then, when students are done, have them just snap a photo of their work with the class iPad, Chromebook, etc. and you immediately have a work sample for them. They are easy to mark up and you know right away who to pull for small group remediation if you need to.

Seriously, it is as easy as that to save paper! Enable yourself to be able to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

And if you are looking for the Spin to Win resources as featured in the photo above, check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers where each preview includes a FREE sample for you to try before you buy!

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