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Category: Teaching

Math About me Project

Math About Me Project- Math Resource For Students

If you’ve been looking for a fun math resource for your students, this “Math About Me” project is perfect! They’ll love how interactive and personal it is! Today, I want to share with you something that my students will be doing this year as their first “project”. I will be

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A New Year with New Goals (#msSunFun)

This school year is so close that I can taste it. I start my Staff Development on Tuesday but have already been working in my room off and on for the past two weeks. Not to mention the countless hours I have spent at home doing various things as well.

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Sharing another Passion

Yes, I know it should be Weekend Wrap-Up day but I can’t wait to share something that I have had on my brain for the past several weeks. I was finally able to complete it yesterday and make sure it looks right. I seriously can’t wait to use this in

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Fab Friday for August 10th (on Saturday)

Well, I am a day late posting this but yea, that’s how life rolls. Yesterday was my sister’s Master’s graduation and that took precedence over just about everything. This week, I would like to feature Teachers Pay Teachers as my website of choice. I have been a member of TpT

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Starting the New Year Right!

Last week another Twitter Teacher friend, put an amazing idea in my head with her #made4math post of a syllabus brochure! Umm, how cool is that? I can totally see this working so well because then after it is glued in the notebook, my students can say they didn’t know

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Who said Middle School isn’t Fun?

Truly, whoever said that Middle School wasn’t fun? When I was in school, I would definitely say that Middle School were some of my favorite years. I loathed High School so we just won’t go there. Well, this past week while on Twitter, several teachers got to discussing the benefits

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A New Adventure with Classroom Decorations

For the past few weeks now, I have been sneaking around looking at all of the #Made4Math posts going around the web {orgnaized and kept sane by @druinok} just being a lurker and filing a lot of ideas back in this brain of mine. Well, and pinning some as well!

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