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Problem Solving Review For Your Classroom

Finding ways to teach problem solving doesn’t have to be difficult! This review will help prepare and educate your students as well!

Problem Solving Review For Your Classroom

During the first few days of school, our first activity in our INB was to review the Technical Reading Strategies for word problems. Each student got a copy of the steps to work through as well as an example problem that we went through step-by-step together. I wanted this as one of the first things in their notebook due to the depth they must understand for our state STAAR test. I can tell you first hand that seeing students use these strategies have greatly improved their problem solving skills over time. Many of them end up doing it without having to refer back within a week or two.

Problem Solving Word Problem Review

So with only the mini-lesson and a homework of practice behind them (already graded and returned), I set off to let my kids show me what they know. I created 12 different word problems as a part of a “Wonderful Word Problems” unit that I knew my students would enjoy as they involved relative things for them.

Each student group of 4 received a different problem in each class. They were given the instructions to work together as a group and solve the problem showing the strategies that they were taught. I saw so many of them at this point pull our their INBs and refer to what I had taught them. They were required to show work, explain what they did and then decorate to their hearts extent (which was totally the fun part).

And this last one is actually one of my Resource Math students. I was so pleased with what he came up with because it was not what I had intended but still correct. He is one of our star football players in 8th grade and he never ceases to amaze me.

Of course, through this project, I was able to see different leaders emerge from their shell as well as those who are always going to let someone else do the work for them. It was very informative already this early in the school year. But to say my students did awesomely is an understatement. I love what they created and couldn’t wait to share that with you!

If you are interested in using this group activity in your classroom, jump on over to my TpT shop and purchase Wonderful Word Problems today! For only $2, this is a steal and a great way to assess your student’s abilities using strategies and solving word problems!

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