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Classroom Organization Tips for Teachers

If you are searching for classroom organization tips, you are in luck! Here are some simple and easy tips that any teacher can use!

Classroom Organization Tips for Teachers

For me this week, it’s all about ways to help me stay organized as the year continues. So without further ado here are some of my favs!

Avery 1/3/4″ Index Tabs have totally made life easier. I use them in my INBs to flag the different sections. I make the color for the tab match our Frayer Models for that unit so it’s all matchy-matchy. My students love them too and some of them have bought a pack or are using Post-Its to label their different sections.

This year I am blessed to have two aides throughout the day. I want them to stay busy and they love helping me so I created this cute little “Aide To Do” sheet after seeing one that @druinok had posted just last week for her Aide. Click on the picture and you can grab the download for FREE! Enjoy! I copied it on cardstock and laminated it and have it hanging on my desk and we just use dry erase marker so to not waste tons of paper.

Evernote has quickly become my go-to for jotting down ideas. I have so many “notes” going on for blog posts and whatnot that it’s actually quite funny. Totally rocks for those late at night thoughts that you don’t want to forget as well!

And last, but certainly not least, Google Calendar. I don’t know what I do without my Google Calendar each and every day. This month is actually quite tame but it’s mainly because school related things are in my Outlook Calendar and they sync together all so very nice to my iPhone. Hubby (and others) know that if it’s not in my calendar, it doesn’t happen!

I’ve often found that the more that I try to find awesome programs for classroom organization, the less organized I actually am. Keeping it simple is key for me! Anything that I can do from my phone or computer is best!

So, what do you use to help you stay organized?

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