A New Year with New Goals (#msSunFun)

This school year is so close that I can taste it. I start my Staff Development on Tuesday but have already been working in my room off and on for the past two weeks. Not to mention the countless hours I have spent at home doing various things as well. It’s CRAY-CRAY I tell ya!

This week for #msSunFun we are focusing on goals. What do we want to Stop, Continue and Start doing this year? How will this motivate us to continue to strive to be the best that we can be?

This year I will STOP:

-Worrying about the Gossip Queens and the cliques in the teachers that I work with. I am there to do my job and educate the future of our society.

-And listen before speaking. Pure and simple, my students need a chance to voice themselves before me.

-Laying things on my desk in a stack. I have a bad habit of just keeping the stacks going.

-Over-scheduling myself. I am notorious for never saying no and I need to remember that 4 preps and Student Council will MORE than keep me busy!

This year I will CONTINUE:

-Parent contact through my classroom blog. This is beneficial for my students, the parents and myself. They can easily see what they have missed when they are absent or to remind them of something that is needed.

-Looking for and creating high interest games for my students to relate to what we are learning. They love to see their interests in the games.

This year I will START:

-Scheduling my students for tutorials rather than just having open hours. Open times will continue but having pre-scheduled will help me be prepared.

-Being on top of my plans at least a week ahead of time. I will be able to utilize my student aide better because she can help me organize materials, etc. This includes my Interactive Notebook.

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