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Math About Me Project- Math Resource For Students

Math About me ProjectIf you’ve been looking for a fun math resource for your students, this “Math About Me” project is perfect! They’ll love how interactive and personal it is!

Today, I want to share with you something that my students will be doing this year as their first “project”. I will be giving it to my regulars classes on the first day of school (27th) and due back on Sept. 4th. This gives them plenty of time to get it done! My resource math classes will start in class on Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on when I have them) and we will work through the brainstorming together.

Math About Me ProjectI’m hoping the only thing they have to do at home is finish decorating. I am possibly going to go ahead and take/print their photos with my iPhone just so it’s easier.



Math About Me Project- Math Resource For Students

Of course, I had to have an example! I love how this came out and all the fun things I was able to share. Simply put, this will review basic operations skills and let me get to know a bit about the students in my classes. I can’t wait to hang these up in the hallway and show them off!

My “Math About Me” includes the following facts:

  • My name has 2^3 letters in it.
  • I have (-2 x -1) siblings.
  • My husband and I have been together for 733 days.
  • I like to collect books and writing utensils and own over 10^3 of them!
  • My favorite thing to share is my mental math skills which I learned 5^2+1 years ago.
  • I have lived in Texas my entire life but only 5/6 of it has been in Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • I am 6^2+5^2+4^2-3 inches tall.
  • My house has the square root of 16 times 3 furry feet in it.

“Math About Me” Math Resources Facts

Several of these facts will require them to engage their brain and work the expression out to see what the missing number is. Conversions will help them turn the inches into feet and inches. I am loving this and can see ANY grade level doing this as a project at the beginning of the year.

Math About Me Project Planning Sheet

I will admit that I found this idea online while blurfing (blog surfing) one day and couldn’t find any directions so I created them on my own. Because I was inspired by the resource, I wanted to offer it all up for to my teacher friends who might want to use it! This packet includes the directions, planning sheets and templates to copy if needed.

Math About Me ProjectYou can download the packet over at my TpT store. It’s all ready to go for you! This could also be used as one of those “Emergency Sub” plans as well. How easy to have that in your folder and not worry about what your kiddos are doing when you are having to call in the last minute?

Don’t forget the importance of classroom organization!

And yes, I am up at school today trying to get motivated to get some decorating done. It’s looking pitiful and I must share with you. I took these pics after I worked for a few hours on Saturday in my room. It hasn’t changed as of already being here for 2 hours. I had to work on getting my folders for my SpEd students and chatting with the Asst. Principal, Secretary, and another SpEd teacher. Yes, that all had to happen! 🙂

Yep, I at least have my desks in groups. I have started my bulletin boards and I have piles everywhere. My desk is a mess and there are still boxes. I don’t have any goals for today. I just need to do something! LOL!

I hope you enjoy the “Math About Me” project and if you plan to use it, I would love to see what you create in your classroom as well.

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