Sharing another Passion

Yes, I know it should be Weekend Wrap-Up day but I can’t wait to share something that I have had on my brain for the past several weeks. I was finally able to complete it yesterday and make sure it looks right. I seriously can’t wait to use this in the upcoming school year!

Every year we start with working on Rational Numbers in middle school. My students always struggle with conversions and need tons of extra practice at the days go along. Well, what is better than having an activity they can do in teams/partners as a whole group or even in a center. So, Field Goal Fractions, Decimals and Percents was born!

Included in this collection are: directions on how to play (as well as the Common Core Standards tie in), materials list (with a special Teachers Notes page with more information for the prep work), a full-color mat for game play {Field Goal Mat}, recording sheet for game play and a key for the conversions.

Each student will need their own recording sheet and I made them a convenient 2 per page to have you copying less as well as one Field Goal Mat per group.

All the extra info on what to do before game play is done for you! I truly hope you enjoy this in your classroom as much as I have creating it. {This activity is a total of 6 pages and has everything you need to start playing the game once you have created the counters.}

And because I am so in love with this, the first 2 people who leave a comment will have this emailed to them for FREE! And now you know, another passion of mine is writing curriculum! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love making things that will help my students.

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  1. This activity looks amazing!!! Nothing like a fun game to get kids excited about learning about Math. Great idea!

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