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Cute Classroom Creations Ideas For The Start of The School Year

Trying to find new classroom creations for the upcoming year can be quite stressful! This year, take it piece by piece and turn it into a classroom that is functional for you and your students!

Every year I always do my best to find a way to make my classroom a good learning environment and also creative. Here is one of my stories on how I make it happen each and every year!

How I Create Awesome Classroom Creations

This week I have started to work on a lot of little things here and there for my classroom and honestly can say that I don’t feel that any of them are “finished”. Am I the only one who feels like this?

It seems like there is a never ending list of projects that I need to get done to get my classroom ready for the upcoming school year!

After my training on Monday, I stopped by my classroom to pick some things up. The pictures above is what I was greeted with despite not being how I left it. Yes, I got frustrated… but had to tell myself to not let it phase me because it wasn’t going to change.

Then, I went up to my classroom on Thursday with my hubby and we spent 6 hours in the classroom! HOLY MOLY!

My goal while I was there was to get SOMETHING done in the classroom. I didn’t care what it was, but at least something to be able to prove that I had been there.

Progress is Key for your Classroom Creations

I began working on my two shelves in the back of my classroom while hubby worked away on my Pom-Pom erasers on my dry erase markers. {We ran out of pom-poms since I have SO many markers!}

I was able to accomplish all of this organizing while I was there. It doesn’t look like much but after taking out 2 full boxes {18″ square} and 3 full commercial trash cans of trash, I am so happy with what I got done. The prior retiring teacher left a TON!

Before we left, my hubby slanted my desk a bit in the back corner to truly have an area that is mine. I can now keep my colored paper behind my desk! I won’t have kids coming and helping themselves. 🙂

Since we were at school, I had my secretary print off some things in color for me since she loves me. In the video below, I am sharing with you all of the things that I had printed and how I will use them. Links are below to all the goodies over at TpT! Make sure to check out my TpT shop as well!

Twitter Poster

Posters to Print

Don’t Be Late Poster }
Word Of The Day Poster
Table Job Labels

Off to go and check out the other great submissions for this week’s #made4Math! Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

Just remember that no matter what, you can create your classroom to be functional for you and your students. All it takes is a vision, some patience, a little elbow grease and some help from your loving friends and family. Before you know it that bare and empty classroom will be full of bright colors, hard work and an eagerness to kick off the school year with an awesome start! Be positive about your classroom creations and everyone else will be as well!

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