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Category: Interactive Notebooks

Preparing for a New Interactive Notebook

Many of you know that I have been working on getting out the first units for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Interactive Notebooks like crazy over the past few weeks. We are talking MEGA CRAY-CRAY here! Well, I was finally able to get the first units out for 6th Grade-

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Creating Your Interactive Notebook

As a new year starts for a teacher, it’s all about the organization. I know that I have talked about how important planning the details of your classroom can be. I know that in my first few years of teaching I didn’t realize how valuable this was but I am

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Left Side Versus Right Side for INBs

Over time I have read many articles and blog posts about the use of Left Side and Right Side working in an Interactive Notebook. Some of you may be looking at me right now asking yourself, “What the frak is Jenn talking about now?” Check out a few views on

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CAMT13 Reflections

If you haven’t been spending a week vacationing on an exotic island with no internet connection, you may know that last week I went to CAMT13 in San Antonio, TX where I was excited to present two sessions on Interactive Notebooks. Our trip started on Tuesday with a drive down

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Evolution of INBs (Guest Post by Hodge’s Herald)

Howdy! I’m Elizabeth Hodges from Hodges Herald. I am so excited to guest blog today for Jennifer. We both seem to be obsessed with interactive notebooks.  I am starting my 20th year in August. I have taught kindergarten, first, second-fifth math, and now I am a middle school math teacher. I

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What do I need for Interactive Notebooks?

Since I started writing about using Interactive Notebooks in Summer 2012, I am constantly being asked what supplies I recommend for a teacher to get started with Interactive Notebooks. Join me over on All Things Upper Elementary as I go over the supplies to get started with INBs in your

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Five For Friday: Tutoring, Wrap-Up and Progress

It’s that time again! WOO HOO, another Friday has come my way and that makes me SO HAPPY!First up this week was an impromptu tutoring session with a former student. She was struggling with distributive property and needed some help to finish her homework. I hate that I am missing

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Need a new Flippable? {FREEBIE ALERT!}

As a kid, do you remember making Cootie Catchers and loving to ask questions and thinking that they would predict the future? I can’t even try to count how many times I made these as a kiddo and thought I was going to be kissed by my crush, always picked

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Ratios and Proportions

All About Ratios and Intro to Proportions

This past week we have been working hard and heavy on understanding ratios to build a strong basis for proportions. We ended the week with an intro to proportions and starting solving them from word problems. My students continue to amaze me with what they are capable of that I

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