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CAMT13 Reflections


If you haven’t been spending a week vacationing on an exotic island with no internet connection, you may know that last week I went to CAMT13 in San Antonio, TX where I was excited to present two sessions on Interactive Notebooks.


Our trip started on Tuesday with a drive down to San Antonio. We started packing up the Mini Van about 9:30 am (yes, I am a Mini Van Mom of Dogs) and I was so happy to get it filled and still have room.


After our trip down we arrived in just enough time for me to grab my speaker’s badge before they closed the first day! WHEW! And yes, I had to add my Twitter handle with my trusty label maker so that everyone could follow me on #camt13.


After grabbing a bite to eat on the River Walk, I had to find myself in the book for the next day. Seeing my name in print as well as 4mulaFun represented made me giddy and nervous all over again. Who needed sleep right?


The next morning Jonna and I got ready and went on in fairly early for my session. After doing some rounds in the exhibit hall, we went ahead and grabbed the materials from the van and were going to wait for my room to clear. We were so lucky to see that the prior session was cancelled so we got in early! Umm… those people were already there at 45 minutes BEFORE the class started. HOLY HECK!


First session was completed and I seriously loved interacting with some fun 6th-8th grade teachers! Inspired some new ideas, got to meet some blog and Facebook followers and just a grand time. Was even better that Ari, The Science Penguin, was there as well. Just having an like minded individual in the same room made the nerves go out the window. Thanks Ari!


Afterwards Jonna and I went to a new place that we had found that morning when we got lost trying to find a second parking garage. Let me just tell you that Taco Haven is AMAZING! Can’t wait to go back so I can eat there again!


And to top off a good day, I was able to meet up with some San Antonio Teacher Bloggers while I was there. We had some great food at La Gloria. I really am happy that we decided, although last minute, to eat off the River Walk. It really was nice to get out of the crowded area where everyone else was eating.


Once we got back to the hotel and I was able to catch up on social media, I loved seeing this as I was going through Instagram. How awesome! (Little secret: Totally makes me giddy to see a workshop like this as well!)


Time for Day 2 with my coffee in hand! Let me tell you, I had so many ideas swarming in my head that I had to start working them out!


Headed back to the hotel and got busy! Cranked out some more things to go in my sample notebooks that I was using (they are even more full now) and created some new ideas as well that I can’t wait to share.


Love the Problem Solving Practice and Goals sheets! Both are now a part of my new Interactive Notebook Starter Pack (more details below). Be looking for the PEMDAS Flippable soon!


Day 3 has finally arrived and Jonna is now running from me to get up to the room so she can get it all set up nicely!


Just a bit of time to wait before we could go in so I had to snap a pic and send it out via Twitter so I could make sure my followers were in the right place.


Snapped a quick picture as I was trying to get into the room. Yep, roughly 45 minutes early and already about 20-25 people ready for the session!


Jonna didn’t get many photos during the session as she was occupied. But once we were done we both were able to change clothes before heading home. I had to put on my new shirt I scored from Pink Armadillos! I am totally in love and can’t wait to wear it again soon!

Interactive Notebook Starter's PackTime and time again I have been asked, “How do I start my Interactive Notebook?” Well, I want to share with you the basics of starting an Interactive Notebooks for ANY SUBJECT as well as some tips and trick that I have learned over the past four years. This 30 page bundle provides so many items that you can jump right into your class and start the year off right with Interactive Notebooks. This product is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores! Look for a video coming soon!

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