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Creating Your Interactive Notebook

Setting Up and Organizing INBs

As a new year starts for a teacher, it’s all about the organization. I know that I have talked about how important planning the details of your classroom can be. I know that in my first few years of teaching I didn’t realize how valuable this was but I am not fairly meticulous in my organization enough that anyone could walk into my room and either:

1. Find what they are looking for on their own or

2. Ask me for something and I can produce it for them within 3 minutes max!

So how does that apply to Interactive Notebooks?

Have you started planning your first unit with your Interactive Notebook? Earlier this Summer I shared my Interactive Notebook Planning Sheets (you can still grab the FREEBIE) to help you start planning what you would be putting on each page throughout your notebook.

I even filmed a video about how to get started on the right foot with Interactive Notebooks to help encourage you along the way with the right tools.

Well now, I’m here to share the one thing with you that I have created to help make your first week, and your entire year, a bit smoother.

I promise the next video is coming soon. The app I use and YouTube are not liking each other right now and I have submitted a request to get it fixed.

 I’ve created Binder Tabs for you and your students! I can’t tell you how much I LOVED my binder tabs last year but buying them year after year (even personally) could get expensive.

INB Unit Tabs (FREEBIE)I have created this FUN FREEBIE (click the pic) just for you to keep track of your units over the course of the year. I would suggest copying these on cardstock as well as laminating to stand up over time.


Now, I know that some of you might want to make these more specific so feel free to grab the Mr. Magician Clip Art Chevron Binder Tabs or Kimberly Geswein Fonts Flavor and Frames 5.


Thanks once again to Fourth Grade Frolics for such a fun Monday Made It Linky Party! Off to go check out what some of the other teachers have been up to creating this week!

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