Five For Friday: Tutoring, Wrap-Up and Progress

Five For Friday
It’s that time again! WOO HOO, another Friday has come my way and that makes me SO HAPPY!
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First up this week was an impromptu tutoring session with a former student. She was struggling with distributive property and needed some help to finish her homework. I hate that I am missing out on this group of kiddos as they move on to 8th grade but change had to happen. I love that they still contact me virtually daily!
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Since we are wrapping up things at school (kids are out June 4th, I will be out June 14th), my schedule is looking kind of bare. The students had a benchmark week this week and some had retesting for the 8th Grade STAAR test. I do hope they did their best after our two weeks of remediation.
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Made sure to get a walk in with the girls as I was able to this week. Yep, one walk so far and then we had crazy weather and now I’ve just been lazy. We will get back out there because they LOVE going on walks!
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My Amazon order including some new styles of Flair Pens came in this week and I am in LOVE! I grabbed theLiquid Flair and the Ultra Fine Flair and they are both awesome! I am leaning toward loving the Liquid Flair more because I love the funky prints on them and the way they write. So fun! {Feel free to click on the links as they will take you to Amazon to score your own fabulous pens!}
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Began work this week on a big project that I am so excited about. Planning things in every spare moment I get and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and turns out. Also, I blogged more about Interactive Notebooks over at All Things Upper Elementary and shared my newest FREEBIE!
So what was your week like?

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