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Category: Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks vs. Taking Notes

I’m often asked, “What is so different about Interactive Notebooks? Aren’t students just taking notes?” Well, yes and no. The basic definition of an Interactive Notebook is a notebook that combines items that have been learned in the classroom in an engaging manner and allows the student to follow up

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Stop and Click, Share the Pic!

I absolutely love when I am able to see how different teachers are using Flippables in their classroom either created from my Flippable Template Pack or from various units that I have created. I would love to see what you have created so please take a moment to “Stop and

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Interactive Notebooks and New Students

Question from Karen: “I was just wondering how you handle new students enrolling in your class and getting them caught up or starting an INB.  I have recently had 2 new students enroll and we have finished 9 weeks of school and already completed pages 1-22.  I really don’t want

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Just for You: All Things Interactive Giveaway

Click to take a look at the prizes and the awesome TpT sellers offering them to all of you!   Get a closer look at their blogs by clicking  on the links below the pictures. 🙂   Create, Teach, and Share 4mulaFun Teaching With Blonde Ambition *Nicole will give away

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September Interactive Notebook Linky Party

Wow, it’s already the end of September? I’m sure many of you are ready for a Fall Break or even just a day off so that you can catch up on where you are, where you need to be and where you are going. Thinking about that, how are Interactive

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Using Frayer Models with Interactive Notebooks

Think back to when you were in school. How do you remember learning new vocabulary words? Which do you remember? Looking up the word in the glossary of a textbook/dictionary and writing it on a worksheet Creating flash cards to eventually lose over time Some other method As we all

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How much Glue? You say….

As many more teachers are starting to use Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms, more and more questions start coming about and sharing with others is the perfect thing to do! Today’s question: Betty S. asks: This is my first year doing an interactive notebook. How much glue do you go through? We

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Setting up Routines with Interactive Notebooks

Over the course of four years as I was growing in using Interactive Notebooks in my classroom, there was never a year I didn’t learn more about my process and how I wanted things to flow more smoothly for my classroom. As a teacher we are not only in charge of

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Table of Contents in Interactive Notebooks

Last week when I shared about Creating Organization in Your INBs, one of my followers left a question in the comments that I thought was GREAT for a follow-up post. “Do you add to your table of contents as you go or do you fill it all out at the

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