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Preparing for a New Interactive Notebook

Many of you know that I have been working on getting out the first units for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Interactive Notebooks like crazy over the past few weeks. We are talking MEGA CRAY-CRAY here!

INB Units by 4mulaFun

Well, I was finally able to get the first units out for 6th Grade- Numbers and Operations (Aligned to TEKS)*, 6th Grade- The Number System (Aligned to Common Core), 7th Grade- Operations with Rational Numbers (Aligned to Common Core) and 8th Grade- Transformations, Congruence and Similarity (Aligned to Common Core).

*This unit is different than the 6th Grade Number System Unit in the fact that it is aligned to the Texas State Standards, or TEKS. I will continue to create a separate set of units for 6th Grade TEKS as the year continues due to the standards being different in order as well as method of items being taught.

After much pleading I went ahead and loaded them sans pictures and that is what I have been working on for my Monday Made It…. Pictures of EACH PAGE for all 4 units! There is so much math going on in my head that it is exhausting but let me tell you, I know the alignment backward and forward of these three units and can tell you what a 6th grade needs to know before moving on to 7th and where the weaknesses will lie in 8th grade if a student doesn’t have certain areas in 6th and 7th solidified. (Another day, another week of posts!)

INB Contract

First of all, I typed up the contract that I used last year and made it on a cute banner frame (KG Flavor and Frames Four) so that it could really look like a contract. I have loaded this up as a PDF for you to download from my Google Drive for FREE! Enjoy and don’t forget to have yours students SIGN THEIR CONTRACT just like they would sign a contract in the real world!

Unit Cover Page for INBs

Started to work on Unit 1 and I chose another font (a KG one but can’t remember which) and changed it to where my text wasn’t filled it but rather only outlined. I bumped the border up to as thick as it would go and the font size is about 700 on this one. I fit as many as I could on one page to save spaces and went on about my happiness. Colored it and did a little “important questions” around the number that I want to make sure they can/will be able to answer when completing this unit.

Vocabulary for Number System INB Unit

And then it was onto the Vocabulary Frayer Models for this unit. Fit in all 8 of the words and started to get to work on completing the definitions of each (characteristics, examples and non-examples are done together as a class).

More Vocabulary for 6th Grade Number System

Now I can’t very well share much more or there won’t be any surprises for those that grab the units!

For Common Core Units– these are the foundation lessons for 4-5 weeks of teaching the concepts to be supplemented with interactive activities that allow students to use the knowledge and resources provided in their INBs to continue to build upon their skills.

For TEKS Units– these units are for approximately 2-3 weeks to teach and spiral the concepts throughout the school year. They are still to be supplemented as you are able within your schedule. I typically schedule a partner/group activity once a week to practice skills learned and review prior skills.


Love all the differences that I am able to see in other teachers classrooms across the world as I link up with Monday Made It. Can’t wait to see what others are doing this week!

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