Need a new Flippable? {FREEBIE ALERT!}

Cootie Catcher Template Freebie at

As a kid, do you remember making Cootie Catchers and loving to ask questions and thinking that they would predict the future? I can’t even try to count how many times I made these as a kiddo and thought I was going to be kissed by my crush, always picked the color blue (it used to be my fav color), and always chose even numbers!

Well now, how about finding educational ways to use them in the classroom? As we approach the end of the school year this is when we all have to pull out every last trick in the book to get our students to continue to be engaged. What would be better than having them use a Cootie Catcher as a review tool? Over a specific concept, a lesson in the textbook, remembering steps to go through a process, and SO MUCH MORE!

Do I have you interested yet? Well guess what? I have a FREEBIE PDF of the Cootie Catcher template for you! Yep, you get the FREEBIE PDF just for being one of my favorite people (all my blog followers are my favorite people!).

Cootie Catcher

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Interested in having the Editable Power Point version of this Cootie Catcher so that you can type directly into it to pre-format some of the areas? This (and 50 other templates) are available in my Flippable Template Pack. All 51 templates come in PDF version (for easy print-to-go usage) as well as an Editable Power Point file where you can simply input text boxes to create custom Flippables for your students.

Editable Flippable Template Pack by 4mulaFun

Want to use my Flippables in your own Teachers Pay Teacher Products? Then grab the Flippable Template Pack with Commercial Licensing and it’s yours to create with. I was so happy to see some one of my first Commercial Use Licensees create her first set of templates for her Teachers Pay Teachers store. These are GREAT for End of Year Review for 5th Grade Math if you are interested.

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