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Guest Post from Collaboration Cuties!

We are participating in Primary Possibilities Linky Party!  Today we are guest blogging on Jennifer’s blog!  We are so excited!  Yay! So, maybe we should introduce ourselves?  Our blog is called Collaboration Cuties.  Amanda and Stacia make up the writers of that blog.  We collaborate and we love all things cutesy!!  We

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Do You Teach 3rd-6th grades?

Come follow the new Collaborative Blog called “All Things Upper Elementary” where we will be focusing on tips, tricks, strategies and activities for all of those Upper Elementary students we love! Today, I am introducing the new collaborative blog and you can learn a little more about me as well

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New Year, New Word, New Me…

2013 has so many amazing things in store that I can’t even begin to fathom all that is to come. As I have done for the past two years, I chose a word to encompass my life for the coming year and I think that the perfect word for this

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Success in Secondary Linky Party #3

Wow, this is already our third Success in Secondary Linky Party and the last of 2012. Don’t worry we will be back on the bi-weekly schedule after the first of the year with the next Linky Party being January 11th! 🙂 I have taken some suggestions and changed up some

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Bed Rest Sucks!

Just a quick little post. Some of you may know know I’ve had severe abdominal pain for the past 8 weeks. After two ER trips and a doctor visit nothing was ever decided what was wrong but rather just minor things each time. Since the pain continued I knew it

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Friday Fab 5- August 3rd

With the new changes I am making on the blog through the weeks posts, I wanted to start giving a bit of structure to the Friday Fab 5 (formerly Friday Features). I will be sharing the following each week: a website or app, something I’ve purchased or am wanting, something

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Everything Changes!

You may remember that a few months back I started a schedule of what I would post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. I’ve done pretty well keeping to that schedule as much as I can and I’ve noticed that it helps me be on top of my blogging

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Friday Features: My Favorite Things

Wow, a week has passed since I have last posted. I have been so engaged in working with a Math Collaborative group for Region 10 and it is taking up a lot of my time. I am almost done with my training that is this summer and I promise I

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