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Friday Features: My Favorite Things

Wow, a week has passed since I have last posted. I have been so engaged in working with a Math Collaborative group for Region 10 and it is taking up a lot of my time. I am almost done with my training that is this summer and I promise I will get things back to somewhat normal.

This week, I thought I would share some of my favorite things. They are all over the spectrum so bare with me.

1. Perfect Hair Ties (Neutrals)– I purchased these about a month back to try them out because I am SO tired of snapping a pony tail holder because my THICK hair puts too much tension on it. I sent a convo to answer my questions about them and she was super quick to reply. I also tried the headband but due to having a SUPER BIG head, it doesn’t work on me. Definitely will be ordering more of these hair ties in the NEAR future!

2. Water Drops Necklace by Urban Gipsy– I am LOVING this necklace and have it in my favorites over on Etsy and definitely see it (or one of the others in her shop) coming home to me soon.

3. 8 Color Mechanical Pencil by PentelWhat the what? Earlier this week, I found red lead at Target by Pentel in the packs with regular lead and I knew I had to do more research. I am totally getting this for my classroom so that I can use in our Interactive Notebooks! Love school supplies!

4. Little Library Card Notebook– I think these are UBER cute! I totally want to have one in my purse as well as maybe make them for my students for various times in the year. You always need something write on. LOVE THEM!

5. Washi Tape Calendars– Such a cute idea and I can’t wait to take some of my tapes to school and make my calendars all pretty! 🙂

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