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Everything Changes!

You may remember that a few months back I started a schedule of what I would post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. I’ve done pretty well keeping to that schedule as much as I can and I’ve noticed that it helps me be on top of my blogging more.

So with that, I am doing a bit more formatting around Live.Teach.Create and I hope that you will stick with me for the ride and can enjoy something when you come by.

Joining in with a great Twitter/Blogging community, I will start sharing things that I have created for my math classroom on Mondays. This will allow me time to share all of the things that I work on in the background and have a place to review back over time. I did find out yesterday what exactly I will be teaching this year. Are you ready for this? Three classes of 7th grade math, 1 class of 7th grade Special Education Math, 1 class of 8th grade Special Education Math and 2 classes of Newspaper! I see LONG nights ahead!

I decided to move the Weekend Wrap-up to Tuesday so that will give me time to work on getting it all done on Monday. I hated cutting off part of Sunday so I could get it posted on time on Mondays.

Wednesday will continue to be Start to Finish posts. This means you will get a tutorial on a layout, card, home decor or altered project that I have made from START to FINISH and ready to be able to recreate on your own. Today is an exception so be expecting it next week! 🙂


Thursday will be a RANDOM day! I am leaving this day open for anything that comes to me. It could be something funny, something about teaching, a project feature, and so on. I am excited about having this freedom one day during the week.

Friday will now be called Friday Fab 5. I am going to choose 5 great things for that week and will go into more detail about what it will contain this coming Friday as I am already loving all that I have picked to share with you.

At this time, I have decided to not worry about Saturday and Sunday and rather use those days to decompress from the week and have a weekend. I’m not saying that I won’t ever post on the weekends, they just will not be a planned topic.

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