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Bed Rest Sucks!

Just a quick little post. Some of you may know know I’ve had severe abdominal pain for the past 8 weeks. After two ER trips and a doctor visit nothing was ever decided what was wrong but rather just minor things each time. Since the pain continued I knew it was something more.

On Monday between 1st and 2nd period, I was at my door doubled over in pain. My asst. principal and principal saw me and told me to go lay down in the clinic. Thinking it might get better I did so and went on to teach 3rd period. Little I’d I know the pain was getting worse. Phone calls to doctors and husband non-stop and finally decided to make another trip to the ER since Dr couldn’t get me in.

Well, enormous pain, several blood tests, two rounds of pain meds and a CT later, I was told I have a 4mm kidney stone. Sent home to rest and had a follow-up appt with a urologist on Wednesday. Okay, I guess.

Wednesday’s appt came, sure enough a kidney stone that isn’t in my kidneys but rather further down. Was told that stores this size have a 50% chance of passing on their own but since it has been 8 weeks, likelihood is that it’s stuck and going to cause further blockage.

More bed rest and another prescription were given and I follow up on Monday for another CT before the removal procedure on Tuesday.

Seriously hate being gone this long from my students and feel li a horrible teacher because of it. I’ve been using what alert time I have wisely ad working on future activities and plans for my class.

I will have the giveaway winners posted this weekend when I’m able to get to the Internet for full service rather than just my phone.

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