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Math Work Stations that Work- Winter Math Centers


Middle School Work Stations That Work

Just like many of you, it’s getting close to the end of the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year and my students can sure show it!

Decimal Match Up Set Up

This week I wanted to review some of goals my Resource Math classes had mastered and give them some nice review work stations so I grabbed the “Decimal Mitten Match Up” and “Winter Word Problems” that are both part of this amazing Winter Math Centers pack from Jennifer Findley.

Decimal Match Up Color

First, the students took time to sort each of the mittens into stacks of like kinds as seen in the photo above.

Decimal Match Up

Next, they went through and matched like items. This required them to talk a lot and they worked through misconceptions and I love being able to hear them talk about decimals and explain things to one another.

Decimal Match Up BW

I had another student who needed to work by himself and he was able to do so since I had also prepared the Black and White version that comes with the set also! How awesome is that!

Now, I extended it a bit and my students had to go through with just the standard form of the decimals, choose two and then create a word problem using those two decimals. Great way to extend the lesson and grab a performance assessment out of it as well.

Winter Word Problems

While two different sets of students were working on Decimal Match Up, I had another set of students working on the Winter Word Problems. Now, normally these problems would be below my students level but I wanted them to work the problems out and truly break down the problems. After they worked them out (yes, I laminated the work mats and they use dry erase marker), they were able to self-check and then wipe the boards clean. NO MORE COPIES NEEDED!

I extended this with my 7th and 8th Grade Resource students because then they had to each choose a problem, come up with two different ways to solve the problem and present them to their findings to their group. The group had to check the problems to make sure they were accurate before moving on to the next person.

These two activities easily filled an entire class period with all that we added to them.

If you would like to check out Jennifer Findley‘s materials (she’s awesome-sauce in my book) please feel free to jump over to her blog, her Facebook Fan page or even to her TpT store! Let her know I sent you!

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