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Friday Fab 5- August 3rd

With the new changes I am making on the blog through the weeks posts, I wanted to start giving a bit of structure to the Friday Fab 5 (formerly Friday Features). I will be sharing the following each week: a website or app, something I’ve purchased or am wanting, something that I have pinned, a layout I’m inspired by, and something beneficial for my classroom.

The first website I want to share with you is something that I just learned about this week and had some time to play with it. In fact, I created the new logo for Friday Fab 5 using the software (as well as the Weekend Wrapup logo). Plixr is an online photo editing site that has more possibilities than I could ever imagine. Now, I have PSE but haven’t got a clue how to use it to create a blog button. LOL!

Something that I bought recently (just waiting for it to arrive) is this Emerald Jade knee-length dress. First, it looks so comfortable; Second, I love the color and Third, it will look great with a pair of capri length leggings because I don’t think it will be long enough for this girl. {Yes, I did just notice that it says it’s a “lounger”. That just means extra comfy right?}

This cute tutorial is something that I have pinned recently. I think that these would be so cute to make as I am ALWAYS using paper clips at work. I could do a color for each class and be able to find things by just looking at the button. So easy!

A layout…. you want me to show you an inspiring layout? LOL! Since I’ve been out of town for what feels like a month, I haven’t done any scrapbooking. I know, it’s almost sacrilegious! When I was reading blogs this week, I came across the July Simple Scrapper winner’s layout by Michelle Huegel. I love the white space and how the features are all up top. Great layout and can’t wait to use it for inspiration!

Wow, to only pick one thing that has been beneficial for my classroom is quite hard. I have seen this idea all over the internet and want to make one for myself. I never can find anything in my desk {and don’t sit there much anyway} so it would be great to be all organized again. On my list to create soon!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Enjoy the weekend and share somethingyou have found FABULOUS this week!

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