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5 Ways to Use Solve and Snips

5 Different Ways to Use Solve and Snips

When I began teaching Middle School math, I became apparently aware that my students detested working with word problems. It didn’t matter if I worked them with them, I asked them to show their strategies, or even let them work with partners or in groups… they HATED them. But I

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Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 2

So happy to be here this week sharing some insights about the book Guided Math by Laney Sammons. I am taking the time to reach into using this in the upper elementary and middle school setting so please take time to read and feel free to leave a comment or

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Left, Right, Answer Review from Live, Love, Math

Hello there! I’m Danielle from Live Love Math and I am so excited to share my review of 4mulaFun’s super cool twist on using task cards in the classroom. About a month ago, I was on spring break and like many teachers, was thinking about what I was going to do for the rest

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Dollar Tree Finds for the Math Classroom

It’s the first Wednesday of February which means it’s time for our monthly linky – Math IS Real Life!! If you want to see how the linky works, or just want other real world math ideas, check out our Pinterest Board of all the posts so that you can look back and find

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Preparing and Using Task Cards in Middle School

First of all, preparing any activities is always better when you have a latte in hand! After speaking with a group of teachers recently about the benefits of task cards in the classroom, I realized that not all teachers use them the same way. I started using them where each

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New Activities in Store!

This weekend has been full of creating for me! I have had so many ideas on my list that I really made use of my time this weekend and got down to work! First up was a really cute activity for my dear friend Mrs. Becker! Her Firsties are working

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Work Stations Galore!

This past week we started our Monday after school tutoring for Intervention for those that failed the first 6 weeks. I volunteered to jump in feet first for math. Needless to say, I have approximately 20-ish kids every Monday after school in both grades. Perfect time to review skills with

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Using Math Stations in the Middle School classroom can be daunting but when you have tried and tested materials created and used by other teachers you know that they can and will work in your classroom while also engaging your students. Math may not be fun for all but these centers are perfect for you sixth, seventh and eighth grader math students.

More Math Stations That Work!

This week I just wanted to post about some amazing work stations that I had once again in my class! I’m thinking this might become a weekly post to share the greatness that is out there! First up, my kiddos played with Hooting Rounding Decimals Dominoes by Bayside Teacher. I

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More Work Station Magic!

This week for work stations my students were reviewing skills with decimals. I pulled out a game that I had created “Retro Ordering Decimal War” and another game that I found on TpT from the amazing Jennifer Findley called “Decimal Place Value Spooky Sort“. The groups that started at Decimal

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Work Stations Work!

Many of you know that I began teaching Resource Math this year for the first time along with my 7th grade math and Newspaper classes. I am absolutely head over heels in love with these two classes that I have. My 7th Grade Resource Math has a total of 10

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