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More Work Station Magic!

This week for work stations my students were reviewing skills with decimals. I pulled out a game that I had created “Retro Ordering Decimal War” and another game that I found on TpT from the amazing Jennifer Findley called “Decimal Place Value Spooky Sort“.

The groups that started at Decimal Place Value Spooky Sort went quick and I had to have them pull out their Place Value Flippable and quiz each other on numbers. I didn’t even get over there to check them but they were on a roll!

All three groups LOVED playing War with decimals. They asked me if I would make more games using the war strategy. I call that a win!

And then today in my 7th Grade Math classes, we finally were able to play the Equations Review Games I had made a few weeks back. I honestly loved hearing them talk about it and realize how easy it was to solve an equation from any type of problem. They did have a problem writing the equations with the variable but that comes easier with practice. I can’t tell you how many of them came to me saying, “I know the answer but how do I write the equation?”

Click on the picture to be taken to this game in my store for only $4!
Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase this game for only $4!

Now of course I have to offer the mega bundle deal! If you purchase the bundle of the two games you will save 25% and get both of them and grab them for only $7! 🙂

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