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This weekend has been full of creating for me! I have had so many ideas on my list that I really made use of my time this weekend and got down to work!

First up was a really cute activity for my dear friend Mrs. Becker! Her Firsties are working on number sense and I thought that Snowman Number Bonds would be perfect for this! She is already planning on it being a math tub for January since they are working on Warming Up with Subtraction this coming week!

Check it out in my TpT or TN store for only $3.00!

The next center activity (or Intervention activity) that I created is “Dog Gone Fun” Fraction Flip. This is perfect to build (or extend) those skills of adding and subtracting fractions.

Check it out in my TpT or TN store for only $2.00!

And last, but certainly not least is my 12 Activities for 12/12/12! I have had this activity planned out for probably three months and finally was able to sit down and finish it while waking up at 5:30 AM this morning!

I am beyond thrilled that this is done and can’t wait to use it! 12 Math and Language Arts activities (word problems, multiplication, making 12, writing, word scramble, mixed up sentences and more) for only $2.50!

Check it out in my TpT or TN store today!

Whew, that’s a lot for this weekend! I’m off to go grab the iPad and start dreaming up some more great creations for you. I see a Basketball Center pack in the future!

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