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Work Stations Galore!

This past week we started our Monday after school tutoring for Intervention for those that failed the first 6 weeks. I volunteered to jump in feet first for math. Needless to say, I have approximately 20-ish kids every Monday after school in both grades. Perfect time to review skills with review games!

Click the pic to be taken to the game in my TpT Store!

The first group was compiled of some of my 7th graders and an 8th grader who needed work on ratios and equivalent fractions. They got to join in and be the first group to play Ratios are Elementary.

Click the pic to be taken to my TpT Store for the game!

As you can see, one was VERY excited that he was successful in finding an equivalent ratio that he had to come and show me!

In process of being created! Will be on TpT next week! 🙂

The next group was 3 eighth graders who worked on playing Integer War. This is a game that is still in the works and they got to be some beta testers.

You can tell they LOVED it! Can’t wait to finish up this game and get it out there on TpT for you!

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My 7th Grade ESL student is having a hard time relating English and Spanish much less throwing some math in the mix. I wanted him to work on something to show success and I know that numerals are the same in both languages so he got to play Frosting Frenzy and ROCKED it! Totally loved it that he asked to take it to ESL class the next day and play with his friends.

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One of my 8th grade groups go to work with Express Me Dominoes. They had to math the written and numerical form of algebraic expressions together. Totally took them awhile but they got it down and were going strong near the end.

Click on the pic to grab Dino Flip for only $2.00!

The last group was two of my girls who I knew were STILL struggling with multiplying and dividing fractions. So I grabbed Dino Flip and they had an awesome time! They totally took it on as a competition with the winner getting a sticker from Mrs. S as the reward!

Next week we are going to do Integer War as a Jeopardy type game with 7 different groups on our Flex Day. I will have them each for 37 minutes before they switch to another lesson. I think this will be some awesome feedback before the game goes up in my TpT store!

So what workstations have you found lately that work for your students?

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