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Preparing and Using Task Cards in Middle School

First of all, preparing any activities is always better when you have a latte in hand!


After speaking with a group of teachers recently about the benefits of task cards in the classroom, I realized that not all teachers use them the same way. I started using them where each student received a task card and we simply passed them around the table or the room. This was great but this didn’t get my students up and moving and really engaged in what they were learning.

Another way that I used task cards was to randomly tape them up around the classroom. Students would get their own recording sheet and then from there they would have to go to the problems and solve. Students could talk with each other as they were at the task card and discuss the word problem at hand. This let them discuss what they were learning and truly “speak math”.

Help Table for Task Cards

To top if off, I would sit in the middle of the classroom with some desks around me so that I could facilitate the learning as well as be the Help Desk. Students could come and ask questions as needed if they get stuck but they could also come and check their work. With this I could easily keep students on task and motivated to keep going with instant feedback. Honestly, this was my FAVORITE way of using task cards and my students enjoyed it and truly showed their interaction with the subject.

Whole Latte Problem Solving Task Cards

One of my most recent set of task cards has become my favorite as well. In Whole Latte Problem Solving, each question has a question that covers various skills across the sixth and seventh grade standards all while incorporating problem solving skills. To top it off each problem has an “extra” question for students to answer as well. This in turn has students answering 24 questions over the course of 12 task cards.

Whole Latte Problem Solving

I want to give away 3 copies of A Whole Latte Problem Solving to my readers! Leave me a comment on this blog post answering either of the following questions before Wednesday, February 5th. I will pick 3 people on Wednesday and email you “A Whole Latte Problem Solving” to use in your classroom!

1. Do you have another way that you use task cards in your classroom? Describe it to me so I can learn as well.

2. What topics are you looking into for task cards? I might just see some upcoming Lucky Learners task cards and more!

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