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Work Stations Work!

Many of you know that I began teaching Resource Math this year for the first time along with my 7th grade math and Newspaper classes. I am absolutely head over heels in love with these two classes that I have. My 7th Grade Resource Math has a total of 10 students and my 8th Grade has a total of 13. Yep, small classes but we are normally working on up to 5 objectives in each class at the same time.

To help my students practice their fluency with things, I have been created various review games for them to work with on our long class day. Each week we have 3 days with 45 minute classes and one day with a 90 minute class. With attention spans not staying at 90 minutes, it works so well for me to do a warm-up for about 10 minutes, do three workstations for 25 minutes each and then wrap-up and clean-up.

I will tell you that today was our first official day working in work stations that I have been in there with them. The prior time was with a substitute and last week we had to work on work samples for IEPs so we didn’t get to them. They begged every day to do more workstations because they don’t see it as doing work but more like playing a game. Seriously doesn’t matter if I cut apart a worksheet, they would still love it!

Want some proof?

Working with whiteboards to compare, order, and convert decimals.
Using Math Coach’s I Can Place Value Game (click the picture to view the game on Math Coach’s site)
More of my students playing with Math Coach’s I Can Place Value Game. Can you tell it was game day?
This was my favorite! You could hear a pin drop at times while they were working and then you would hear them discussing how they got an answer and why. LOVED IT! If you click on the picture, you will be taken to my store to be able to purchase this item!
Talking about the process and why it works…

I was beyond amazed by how actively involved they were today. This totally made me even more of a proponent for work stations! I guarantee each student was actively involved in their learning today and it made me just sit back and smile.

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