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ePIc Pi Day Roundup

Did you see the 5 days of ePIc activities for Pi Day? Thanks to five different teachers there are some great ideas on how to make your celebration the best!Epic Pi Giveaway – Over $314 In Prizes First of all I want to thank each of my friends who jumped at posting last week for the ePIc Pi Day Activities! Thanks once again to Lindsey Perro, Hodges Herald, Teaching High School Math, Teaching Math by Hart and MissMathDork for all of your hard work.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out their posts you definitely want to do that as there were some great tidbits of wisdom from each of them as well as links to some great products for you to use this week!

Also, don’t forget that Saturday is the final day for the ePIc Pi Day Giveaway where there is over $314 in prizes to be had with 12winners!

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