Clearing Teacher Clutter- Favorite Teacher Bags

Are you looking for a new teacher bag? Or maybe you know that you need one to meet different needs? Come check out these awesome different teacher bags that all have different purposes.We all know that having the right teacher bag makes all of the difference. I can’t count how many bags I have gone through over the years because there have just been that many. Some of them I got for free from various conventions or workshops and then others I have purchased either because they were super cute or because I thought they would serve the needs that I needed.

A few years ago I bought An amazing resource for staying organized in the classroom! LOVE THIS!my very first Thirty One Bag. I had seen many teachers using the Organizing Utility Tote and I knew it would be amazing. I have since bought two more of the exact same bag to use in various other purposes in my house and they ROCK! I simply added in a large file tote from The Container Store {or Amazon} and it made it super sturdy and there was no worrying about things getting bent or messed up. I love all the amazing pockets that it contains and lets everything have a place (my Flair Pens got their own pocket)!

Ballard Tote LargeTote bags seem to be the consensus with most teachers that I have talked to because they are easy to just put stuff in. Some other tote bags that teachers that I have talked to use are the Large Ballard Tote Bag or Teacher Bag by OohBabyInfinityeven the Large Deluxe Reversible Bag from OohBabyInfinity on Etsy.

Another style that I have heard from many teachers that they use is the Messenger Style. I’ve seen so Vera Bradley Messengermany Vera Bradley bags over the years (and even owned a small purse in my lifetime) that I know they are definitely good quality bags! I love the quilted style of them and how they are just cute! The prints change on a regular basis and so when you get tired of one you can easily purchase a new one and not worry about being out of style. They are moderately priced which is definitely good for a teachers budget.

The best tip that I can give you when you are looking for a QUALITY bag that works for your needs is to sit down and think about what you want from a bag. Do you need pockets? Do you want sectioned areas? Do you need a strap or are you okay with just handles (think about how heavy it can get)? Do you want it to be cute or just functional? Don’t scrimp on your teacher tote bag because if you do you will just be replacing it when it breaks and wasting money.

To help one of you get started with a teacher bag, I am giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to Thirty One Gifts! You will get to choose the bag that works for you and customize it to be your own.

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6 thoughts on “Clearing Teacher Clutter- Favorite Teacher Bags”

  1. I would love the bag posted on your posting; this will be great for carrying work samples and data to create IEPs and activities for my SpEd students. What is the specific name of that tote?

  2. Thanks for featuring my reversible monogrammed teacher tote! I have 7 teachers in my family and put a great deal of time into designing a tote bag specifically for teachers. Reinforced seams, trendy fabrics, and wide straps to distribute the weight (I know teachers stuff their bags full!). It also has 6 roomy pockets, is lightweight (13-15 ounces) and folds up flat for storage when the school year is over! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d love to host a giveaway for one of my teacher totes if you’d like to sponsor it! Contact me if you are interested and thanks again for the mention! ๐Ÿ™‚
    IG – @oohbabydesigns
    shop –

  3. Hi. This is a follow up for my question. Is it the large utily organizing tote or the regular sized one? When I was looking at Amazon, I did not realize that there were two different ones. In addition, the file box that you linked to Amazon, would it fit into the large one or the regular sized tote bag?


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