Elementary Workshop Wrap-Up for Judson ISD

Talk about having a blast with a great group of teachers! Tuesday I was once again blessed to be in Judson ISD where I was working with 3rd-5th grade teachers on Integrating Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms. I’m just saying.. we had a blast despite some obstacles.

Obstacles you say? Yes, when I got to the building where the workshop was being held my copies were no where to be found. I didn’t freak despite the fact that my workshop is 100% Hands On. I was going to make it work! Next, I get into the classroom and I didn’t have a document camera to use to project what I was doing. Okay, small enough room I can show and tell. The room was FULL already about 30 minutes before I was even supposed to start… GREAT! No… even after I let another 15-20 people come in I still had to turn some away.

Good news came from it all… copies were made and delivered about 45 minutes into my 3 hour session. THANK YOU FOR THAT! The librarian brought a projector so I could show some pictures that I had synced up to my Dropbox account. The Show and Tell as well as anchor charts that we created kept teachers on task. And a full classroom just means that teachers are already asking administration to bring me back! WOOT!

Teachers at Work

After we went over all the basics of Interactive Notebooks and talked about who should use them, when to use them, how to use them and just what are they, we got busy! You can see the teachers are working hard at cutting and interacting with some BRAND NEW samples so they could create exactly what they could use in their classroom. I love how so many of the teachers had brought their own notebooks to use so they could have their notes and samples all together in an actual notebook.

I shared a lot of resources with the teachers that were there with me and I wanted to make sure I had a place for them to refer to later. If I am missing any link that you are looking for please leave a comment and I will get the link added.

Fonts used: Kimberly Geswein Fonts

Graphics used: Melonheadz

Flippable Template Pack (to create your own)

Interactive Notebook Starter Pack

Absent Student Editable Assignment for INBs

All About Interactive Notebooks (lots of links including 2 hour webinar)

Setting Up Your Interactive Notebook (video and FREEBIE Unit Tabs)

Checklists for 2014 Math TEKS (FREEBIE)

Interactive Notebook Contract (FREEBIE)

Problem Solving Strategies (techniques and link to posters)

And of course we had some awesome giveaways! Thank you SO much to EduCents for supplying me with some gift cards to give some LUCKY winners below! I know they can’t wait to use their money to buy some awesome resources for their classrooms!

EduCents Gift Certificate Winners

I also gave away a few of my Flippable Template Packs to 2 teachers so that they could create their own Flippables for their classrooms. Can’t wait to see what they create!


Flippable Template Pack Winners


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