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Got Clutter? 6 Actionable Posts to Get Rid of Teacher Clutter Today

Is CLUTTER an issue in your classroom? Check out these SIX posts with tips that you can put into place today to get rid of the clutter!We all have clutter in our lives and having that clutter at school where we spend so much of our time can make life miserable. For the first two months of 2015 I focused on covering SIX different clutter busters for teachers. These posts were things that resounded with me as a teacher and I know from talking to numerous teachers that we all still struggle with them.

First up was all about Class Schedules and Calendars in the classroom. How can you make sure that you are making the most of your time in your classroom each and every day as well as throughout the school year?

Next up was Being Prepare for a Substitute which as we all know is something that is SUPER IMPORTANT! We are all human and things happen so we never know when something will happen and we will have to be absent at the last minute so take some time now and get prepared!

And my OCD self loved the next post about Managing Supplies for Classes. As a teacher who had 6 different classes every single day with four different preps, I HAD to be organized and know where everything was at all times. Because I took time to do this it also paid off with my students because they could find things!

How many of you are notorious for having an unorgainzed computer desktop? Managing your Desktop Clutter is not only about managing the actual desktop of your computer but also your files that are stored within your computer and extrenal drives.

Now.. how many of you have problems with keeping up with papers in yoru classroom? Managing the Paper Trail is all about managing papers to grade, make-up work, graded papers, sorting papers, and even the infamous Teacher Mailbox.

And last, but certainly not least, was a post about finding the PERFECT Teacher Bag. There are so many different styles of bags that I have shared including the ins and outs of the ones that I have used in the past.

Are you ready for another giveaway? Stephanie from OohBabyDesigns has asked to join in on the Teacher Totes fun and giveaway one of her FABULOUS Teacher Totes from her Etsy shop. I talked about these as a part of the finding the perfect teacher bag and was so happy that she contacted me about this because I knew that y’all would be THRILLED!

A little bit about the bags:

I have 7 teachers in my family. They were constantly going through tote bags! So, when I decided to design a tote, specifically for teachers, I asked my family and Facebook followers, “What would you like to see in a good teacher tote”? The most common answers where: Lots of pockets, nice wide straps (because of all the weight), easy to store in the summer, cute fabric choices and monograms. Voila! The Ooh Baby Teacher Tote was born!
Reversible Teacher Totes by Ooh Baby Designs
This bag sports two big pockets with 3 individual sections that run the length of the bag (one inside and one outside – total 6) no matter which side you’re using! Since they are handmade by me, each side can be monogrammed if you choose to add one! The seams are double sewn and reinforced. the bag folds up flat for storage in the summer!  The handles are made from 2 inch wide cotton weave webbing. This wide webbing is easier on the shoulders as it helps to distribute the weight of a fully loaded tote – and lets face it, teachers can load up a tote bag! 🙂 The bag itself is made from screen printed cotton duck in a wide array of choices. You can choose any fabric in my shop!

And now, you have the chance to win one! Yep, this giveaway is for one LUCKY winner to win their very own Ooh Baby Teacher Tote! You will not be disappointed!


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