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Filling Students Gaps in Math while At School

Last week was all about Changing the Thinking of Students in Math as well as Finding the Gaps to Fill In to strengthen their learning in Math. As we continue to proceed through the series I want to take some time to talk about filling those gaps at school (today)

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Finding Gaps to Fill in Math

When I wrote the original post about Changing Students Thinking About Math, I never realized the feedback that I would get. Not only did I receive comments but also had emails and people asking me questions on my Facebook Fan Page. Wow, I hit a topic that people wanted more

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Changing Students Thinking About Math

How often do you hear from students, “I just don’t understand math.” Or even more, how often do you hear from a parent, “I never got math so Trevor doesn’t either.” I can’t even begin to count in my years of teaching the number of times I heard this. When

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Why do you use spirals for Interactive Notebooks?

It never fails each week I get the question asked of me, “Why did you choose spirals for your Interactive Notebooks?” The answer is fairly simple… I didn’t, they chose me. How you ask? I started using Interactive Notebooks in 2010 with my students and that year it was really

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Need Input from You- Webinars

So it’s January and we are all trying to recharge to make sure that we can make it through the last five months of the school year. There are limited breaks in the Spring and it also is now big “state testing” time for many that are coming up. So

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One Little Word 2014: Making Progress

Since January 2011 I have participated in the One Little Word project started by Ali Edwards. Ali began this project a few years prior as a way to focus and dedicate ones life for a year to see the world around you in a different perspective. That first year my

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Wickedly Busy and Cold!

Another week has come and gone and I can’t believe that we are nearing the end of 2013. Here I am once again this week sharing things that have come and gone in my world. Won’t you link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching if you have a chance? Hubby and

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It’s Currently December… And a SALE!

Where did November go? Heck, where did the year go? I can’t believe that we are already into the last month of 2013! With a new month comes a new Currently over on Farley’s blog so here we go! 🙂 As far as the Christmas Tradition goes, ever since Michael

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Shop Small Saturday

For the last few years I have really felt strongly about shopping the small businesses on Shop Small Saturday, the Saturday after Black Friday each year. On that Saturday I always find small businesses to help support and purchase things that either I need or that I can find Christmas

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Take Me Back to The Beginning

When I saw that 2nd Grade Shenanigans was starting a new linky party for Take Me Back Tuesday I knew I had to jump in on this so that I could not only bring back some of my favorite posts but also let my followers see a bit more about

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Currently in July!

Listening: Yep, it’s about 2:45am here in Texas and I’m watching whatever ended up on TV as I was finishing up some various things while the rest of the house sleeps. Loving: Wow, I am so happy to have my blog back! Many of you contacted me over the weekend

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